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How easy is it to order CHOZEN Essential Oils?

  1. If it is your first visit to CHOZEN

    • simply click on "create an account" found above.
    • Fill in all the required fields on the electronic form (designed to ensure your CHOZEN products find you promptly at your correct address!)
    • Click on "Create My Account"
    • Continue shopping by clicking on the "continue shopping" button, or on one of the "Online Shop" buttons on the Home page, or on your selected category under the Online Shop heading on the main user menu on the left hand side of each page.
  2. Add Proucts to your cart

    • Once in the online shop, select (click on) the category that interests you, E.g. "Essential Oils".
    • A product list will appear: Simply click on "Add to Cart" next to each CHOZEN product that you would like.
    • You can choose between 10ml and/or 100ml quantities of essential oil by selecting your desired quantities in the check-circles provided. For your bulk order requirements please register on the CHOZEN website before contacting us during business hours.
  3. Checkout your products

    • When you have added all your desired CHOZEN products to your cart, click on a "checkout" or "proceed to checkout" button.
    • Follow the easy Checkout process that allows you to:
      • Fill out your Billing & Account Details
      • Fill out your shipping details (Please contact us for a shipping quote if your delivery address is not at a major city centre)
      • Choose your shipping method
      • Confirm your order
      • At any point before you finally confirm your order ("Checkout Step 4: Confirm your order"), you can change/update the information, products and/or quantities in your order, or choose to continue shopping and view the specials before returning to the checkout.
      • Confirm your order: confirmation of payment must please be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  4. Arrival!

    • Your CHOZEN products will arrive at your door within a few days!